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e-Learning to Enhance Quality Assessment Competencies

Program / Project Brief Description 

Program / Project Name: Enhancing Competencies in FHT’s using Quality Improvement as a driver for Learning, Team Building and Innovation

Brief Description: The goals of this project is to 1) adapt some of the existing outreach presentations/training workshops materials, develop additional training resources on the Quality Assessment Tool and develop them into an Internet-based e-learning program and 2) to facilitate training on how to utilize the Quality in Family Practice program and thus dissemination and uptake of the Quality project objectives, in particular use of the Assessment Tool through the web-based medium.  

Time frame: January 2009 to December 2009

  • FHT specific tools on the website.
  • Web-based educational program to support the use of the tool.
  • Feedback on the effectiveness of the web-based education vs. facilitator supports for the use of the quality tool. 
  • Proof of concept with “new”  FHT successfully using the online tool and resources to facilitate development of the FHT and practice.

Numbers / Locations of Primary Care practices or practitioners involved:

To support 7+1 practices to use the Quality in Family Medicine tool to improve and/or develop effective and efficient structures and organizational and clinical process in Family Health Teams.


This program focuses on the structure and processes that are needed on an organizational and clinical basis to support all team members in a FHT to work together to provide efficient and effective team-based care.

Key members of the Quality Assessment Tool project team will work with McMaster’s Division of e-Learning Innovation to adapt existing workshop materials and resources to create the following:

  • A standalone Web-based interactive presentations that outline some of the key messages that are currently delivered in face-to-face presentations; and
  • An embedded (or reference-based) ‘help’ resources that can be accessed ‘on demand’ as people are using the Assessment Tool.

The team will review and test the tool, assemble practice tool kits and develop an interactive distance-learning program to support the uptake of the program in family practices.


Commitment from the field and the Ministry to support the medium and long–term objectives to help 50 new FHTs to begin to function and to uphold the Quality tool as the gold standard for quality improvement in family practices.

Potential contributions to a larger provincial Quality improvement in primary care initiative: 

This project has the potential to provide the underpinning for the launch of the province-wide program to enhance the quality of practices throughout Ontario and Canada.