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Phase Two: Pilot

Improving the quality of medical care is a major objective of an accountable public health care system. Family medicine is the cornerstone of the health care system and family practices play a key role in providing safe, effective, patient-centered, timely, responsive and comprehensive primary health care. The development and testing of a voluntary quality assessment programme was proposed and funded as a first step in a process that would faciltiate continuous quality improvement (CQI) of family practices in Ontario.

The purpose of Phase 2 was to set up a demonstration pilot project with the following

  • To design and evaluate a collaborative interdisciplinary programme for achieving excellence in family practices
  • To explore the feasibility, acceptability and affordability of the programme
  • To refine and evaluate the comprehensive Assessment Tool
  • To evaluate the role and facilitation of the interdisciplinary trained Assessors.

Phase Two Final Report

Download a copy of the Phase Two Final Report. A version of the Executive Summary is also available.

Photo Gallery

Browse photos from Phase Two of the project.

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