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Quality Program

Information about the Quality project, including mission and vision statements, research biographies, project models, and the Quality Newsletter.

The Quality project has undertaken four concurrent initiatives:

Delphi study – the Quality Team at McMaster University was funded to validate and fine-tune our Quality Tool, this project is well underway, findings being reviewed with an expert Panel (see Delphi Study page on the Quality Website for more information)

Strategic Planning - the Quality Team at McMaster University will, over the course of 2009 , pull together various activities and processes that supports the development of a strategic plan and framework to help advance the Quality programs in Ontario.

Quality in McMaster Family Practice – the Quality Program is underway in McMaster Family Health Team. The FHT is using the Quality tool in academic teaching units, and demonstrating how the Quality in Family Practice can be integrated with the FHT Collaborative Initiative

Quality e-learning Project - the Ontario College of Family Physicians, under the leadership of Jan Kasperski (Principal) and David Price (co-investigator), have received funding for an e-learning Project using the Quality Tool – “Enhancing Competencies in FHT”, which will develop the electronic infrastructure and support to enable the effective use of the tool. (See e-Learning page for a description of this initiative).

Learn more about the Quality Project...

Quality in Family Practice
Quality in Family Practice is a quality assessment and improvement project of the Department of Family Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada that has been in development since 2000. For a brief description and general information about the project see About Quality.
Mission & Vision Statements
The Quality Project mission and vision statements.
A Brief Descripton of the Quality Project
Phase 1: Development
We have completed three phases of the Quality Project. The project is currently in the Delphi Study phase.
Phase 2: Pilot
Demonstration pilot projects in three family practices in Ontario.
Phase 3: Field Test
Phase Three of the Quality project is the field test.
Delphi Study
Refining the Quality Tool Using a Delphi Panel
e-Learning Quality Tool
Enhancing Competencies in FHT’s using Quality Improvement as a driver for learning, Team Building and Innovation
Project Team Biographies
Learn more about the Quality Project Team.
Project Models
The Quality Project models are visual tools used to represent the core concepts of the project and to facilitate a common understanding of the project's goals.
Library of Quality Presentations & Related Material
Includes Presentation material and other quality related information.
A selection of photo albums from the Quality project.
How to Contact the Quality Project
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